Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally doing better

Kyle has had a rough couple of it was good to hear that things are going better.  It is humbling as a Mom when you have to sit back and let Heavenly Father take care of his child.  I have always been a helicopter Mom!  I always want to fly in and fix everything.  It has been a learning experience for me to have to pray for him to get the guidance and comfort he needs.  All of these experiences make us stronger!

So the week definately got better. We baptized this lady that we´ve
been teaching since i got here. She has the hots for Dad. shes swears
he was the president of the US, she tells me that all the time. Shes
super funny. She told me to send him a kiss on fathers day, I thought
it was rather amusing.
Elder Yorgason went home last week, the bad thing about the house I
live in is all the Elders that are going home stay in it for a day to
get interviewed and stuff and then they go home. So its really easy to
get homesick and distracted in our house. But he told me some
interesting things that I really liked. I asked him what he would have
done better if he could go back and he said he wouldnt change
anything, cuz he didnt have any regrets from the mission. The mission
is a learning process and if he could go back and do it again with the
knowledge he has now by the end he would want to go back and redo it
again with even more knowledge. kind of a cool thing to think about
but it sucked seeing him go home. he was the man. And then our ward
got split and we traded chapels. its way better cuz our chapel now is
only a 10 15 minute walk from our house instead of like 45. But we
have to switch up our tracting area. We were working in the area
closest to the chapel and now that area is the farthest from our
chapel. Hows Alex doing? have you gotten any word on his MTC
experience? Hes told me he doesnt like it which I think is funny
looking back on my time in são paulo. it sucks but everybody has to do
it. He got lucky. After I left the MTC the changed the program to only
6 weeks for american instead of 9 but all the americans spoke just
terrible portuguese with 6 weeks so they switched it back to 9. thats
all Ive got for you guys this week. Love you all

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