Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Make sure and read the latest entry and get to the bottom...there are pictures!

I think I'm gonna get Colin a Neymar jersey. He's the best player in
Brazil right now and I figure he would like that. We baptized a 9 year
old girl named Vitoria. she lives with members but her family isn't
members but we´re working on them. I'm excited for this week. We had a
guy about a month ago just show up in our ward and we started teaching
him. He got lessons from other missionaries in Belo Horizonte and so
he knew a lot and wants to read D&C so like hes legit. And we started
to teach his sister and her daughter and we are baptizing all 3 this
sunday which is awesome. Things are still hard with Azevedo, the thing
i've learned is that he's just a child. Its like Nathan serving a
mission right now. I actually think nathan would do a better job. But
we seriously dont do anything. And i dont have the Portuguese to take
charge, especially cuz he hates it when I challenge his authority. He
drives me nuts. The good thing is he's just annoying, like we teach
fine he's just annoying. but he doesnt like to work and i really dont
want to get into bad habits for the rest of my mission. The bad news
is I got sick this week. We both did. It makes walking around in the
sun all day even worse. this week was a challenge as a whole. It gets
really frustrating when I dont know how to explain things in Portuguese,
its like i know exactly what i want to say but i dont know how. me and
azevedo got in a fight and it ended up with me just yelling at him in
english. Pretty much the entire street was staring at us. They do that
when I talk English. Alot of them want to hear me speak English then
Portuguese. They love America. Its really funny.I dont have much to
say other than this week really stunk. I did a division with Elder yorgason
and we got more done in 4 hours of working than me and Azevedo had all
week. Elder Yorgason keeps me afloat sometimes. Whenever I have a
serious question about what we are doing (Azevedo just tried to get on
facebook) I call Elder Yorgason and Azevedo really doesnt like it.He
wants me to follow his example and I want to follow Yorgasons. So
theres sometimes where I can see that it bothers him and he knows that
I like Yorgason more. Oh Elder Yorgason is from West Valley and he
said his family bought 2 pianos from us and a ton of sheet music.
 well thats about all i
have from Brasil. just hoping for a better next transfer session? its
funny how many english words ive already forgotten. But i love you
guys byeeeeeeee

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