Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Mother's Day week!

 Kyle told us originally that we could Skype for Mother's he doesn't think so.  Either way, phone call or Skype, I will be happy to hear from him!

Unfortunately i dont think we can skype. we have to skype in an
internet cafe and we cant skype on sunday....but you'll get a phone
call. basically have your cell on you cuz i get 40 minutes to call and
if you miss me you miss me. The language has gotten alot better. I
finally said screw and started talking to people and trying to teach
more and it went alot better. things with Elder Azevedo havent gotten
better. And it was the first transfer period last week and Elder
Yoragason got transfered. But Azevedo is just a little kid. He fights
with me over things in the US, and things that happened while he was
on his mission. He was telling everybody that you can buy cheddar
cheese (which is like crazy expensive here) for 50 cents and you get
like a giant wheel and i was like no thats not right and he argued
with me about it. and he needs constant attention, his birthday was 3
weeks ago and he still talks to everybody about it. And like we found
this guy that lived in the US for 7 years so he speaks english and he
wants me to teach him in english, but Azevedo refuses to teach him cuz
the guy talks to me and not him. this guy is looking for a religion
and he wants us to teach his whole family, his aunts brothers sisters
like everybody but Azevedo wont cuz the guy didnt say bye to him only
me. And hes just lazy. and its really hard to work when your companion
doesnt want to work. I dont have the portuguese to take control of
lessons. we taught 1 lesson in 3 days. the rest of the time was spent
either wandering around or sitting in members homes. And when i say
like time to leave he doesnt want to. He just wants to get on
facebook in members houses, which is against the rules. Like its hard
to obey these rules when your comp wont. hes just strange and
difficult to deal with. He asked me if I wanted to stay with him until
he finishes in 3 months and I told him no and that I want to be
transfered in 5 weeks. Hes gonna be transfered but im probably gonna
stay here for another transfer period. Basically i just have to get
through the transfer and away from Azevedo and I should be good to go.
But im running out of time. Send my love to the family everything else
is going good. oh and for my next package that doesnt have to be sent
anytime soon try to get me a Team USA or Real Salt Lake jersey. all
the Brazilians wear their teams jerseys when we play on P days and I
want a USA one. oh and send me a raquetball. they dont sell them here
and I need something to play with. Ill talk to you guys on Sunday!

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