Monday, April 9, 2012

He sleeps in a hammock!

In my email I had asked him a lot of at the beginning of his email he is answering all my questions.  Thank heaven for email...if not he wouldn't receive any word from home for a month!  Which also means it would take longer for me to hear from him.  Don't know if I could do that.  His email is the highlight of each week for me!

ok questions, send everything to the mission home. Our zone leaders go
there at the beginning of the month and pick everything up. we now
have an hour on the computer and yes i can receive photos so send
them. And tell Colin if he wants a legit soccer jersey I can get them
dirt cheap. like 40 bucks. Tell him to look up a team that he likes
and I can find it. I suggest Corintians, Palmeiras, Flamengoes,
Vascoe, or Gremio. They all have really cool Jerseys, Corintians is my
favorite but Gremio has the coolest colors. Crazy story about jerseys,
I bought the Jersey of the team here and all the jerseys are number 10
cuz the best player always wears that number and so i have a number 10
jersey for this cavalo de aço team and we taught the guy whose jersey
it is. so I'm gonna get him to sign it, pretty cool how that happens.
Im glad to hear everything is going so well for you guys, I'm trying to
send pictures but I dont think its gonna work this week but next week
for sure. Oh and I bought a hammock to sleep in. we have beds but here
the people sleep in hammocks and they are way cooler so i sleep in one
now. But the Brazilians are so funny. especially the kids. I am the
official ADELE translator of Imperatriz Brazil. Ive almost translated
all of "someone like you" into portuguese because the kids love that
song but nobody knows what its about, kinda funny how that works out.
I had to give a talk in church yesterday....yeah not fun. I hate
talking in church in english so giving a talk in portuguese is a
million times worse. But it went fairly well. I was supposed to talk
for 10 minutes and they got 5. Thats what they get. Is there any news
on Alex Peck? He should be entering the MTC relatively soon. I wrote
him some letters but I haven't heard from him. Speaking of letters I
got the package with the Ryan Braun stuff (told you he was innocent)
but thats it. I got it the day before I left so it'll get here. if it
gets there after I leave they mail it to the mission home. We have to
eat lunch everyday in a members home and its gotten pretty
interesting. I already pulled the classic food in the pocket with some
fish. A whole fish actually. It was super gross but these people
honestly had like nothing and I didnt want to be mean and straight up
say no. But I ate codfish the other day, it wasnt that bad but
definately not my favorite at all. They have a line of soda called
Guaraná. the only equivalent in the US is something like Fanta. They
just have a bunch of flavors, but they are like regional flavors. and
the flavor of the state im in is called Guaraná Jesus....yeah epic.
and its delicious. only found in northern Brazil. my district from the
MTC doesn't get it cuz they're all in Brazilia. But Portuguese stinks.
The hardest thing is following lessons. like I have no idea whats
going on during lessons. So I listen for a little bit and then my mind
just wanders until the end when I bear a very generic testimony about
what was taught and that's that. But Elder Azevedo is an amazing
teacher and the people love him. Hes definitely different. Hes into
like Japanese Anime and stuff like that and he gets annoying. Like
some of the only English he knows is I farted. so every time he farts
he tells me he farted and stares at me until I laugh. Hes strange. but
luckily we work together. Hes annoying but hes a great guy. And he
keeps telling me about his passed life he used to fight people and
stuff and he was in the temple and promised god that on his mission he
would love all of his companions no matter what. So I deal with the
oddness and unlike Elder Lambert we work well together. Well he
teaches and I'm just there. Thankfully my zone leader is from Utah and
so I was talking to him about not understanding and feeling useless
and he said I'm probably gonna feel that way for 2 or 3 months and then
it'll pick up. Its especially hard when we eat lunch in members homes
cuz they talk to me and I have no idea what they're saying so its hard
to respond, but its gotten a lot better. I can at least talk to people
but its pretty much a one way street I say one thing and I'm out. Oh
and whats the Brazilians favorite food? Lasagna. they make the most
incredible lasagna. its crazy. I never would have guessed. But I'm
running out of time so I love you guys send my love to Colin and
Nathan tell them Arizona will be way more fun than Washington.

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