Monday, April 16, 2012


Kyle has requested an Ipod with appropriate music.  He also mentions the fact that I gave up caffeine the day he left on his mission...oh yes I did...and I haven't had any since he left.  This hasn't been easy but I figured I needed a large push to stick to it.  So I committed to Kyle that I wouldn't drink it while he was gone.  Pretty hard to break that commitment when you read about his commitment!

Please please please get the Ipod to me by the beginning of the month.
right not we have about 10 songs. And I swear if I have to listen to
terrible mormon remakes of 90s songs I'm coming home. Jk, but seriously
Azevedo is obsessed with these missionaries that changed the words to
songs like Born to be Wild, Green Day, and Red Hot Chilipeppers and i
cant listen to it anymore. The growth has definately come and is going
to come for a while. I'll have you know that we spent all P day
cleaning our house. I dont know if I already talked about it if I did
just emphasis but our house was absolutely trashed when I got here.
Like our shower drain was clogged with body hair.....from which part I
dont want to know or think about, our sink to wash our shirts and
stuff was clogged with garbage and so it flooded our laundry room
everytime we used it. Our dishwashing sink is broken. 2 out of our 4
fans were broken (spend 1 hour here and you'll understand why thats the
end of the world) and our fridge was so nasty. Somebody had spilled
beans everywhere and something sticky on top of that so they were
cemented to the bottom of the fridge. And the worst part was there was
a pot of what I think used to be meat that had completely molded over
just sitting in the fridge, I promptly threw that out. And with
Brazilians you either have a clean freak or a nasty dirty person.
Which is my companion. Theres some things that really bother him. Like
I usually sleep until hes out of the shower at like 7 and it really
bugs him that I dont wake up, but hes content living in a hole. And
getting him to clean is so hard, I would clean at least one thing
before personal study everyday but he would just sit there. And
earlier today I was cleaning and he has a copy of one of Uchtdorfs
talks that he has memorized so he plays it and talks over it. And
whilst I was cleaning today he decided to watch and give me his
rendition of Uchtdorfs talk. Super annoying. Luckily for me I have a
mission President who suprised us with a visit for interviews this
week, AND he brought Sister Dias. In my interview I told him about how
nasty our house was and how I dont have money or time to pay and fix
everything. So they came to our house to see if it was as bad as I had
told them and it was much worse. Sister Dias started crying and said
something about dignity and tithing money, I couldnt quite piece
everything together but I got the point. She then left and returned
with well over $200 worth of cleaning supplies, pots, pans pretty much
everything we needed God bless her. So today we cleaned and now our
house is awesome. Im now not afraid to use our dishes or anything.
Tell Colin I'll send his jersey in a little bit, I have some things
like T shirts and what not that I need to send back. I have alot of
stuff that I have no need for. And im gonna send some of my favorite
things back. Im addicted to Guarana Jesus, and this thing called
goiabada. Its like jam but solid made out of guavas its amazing. its
like 1R$ so its super cheap and delicious. So once I gather said
things ill send a package. The thing that drives me nuts is I made the
mistake of buying my jersey in front of Azevedo. He now thinks that I
am made of money. And whats worse is he tells everybody the exact
price of everything Ive bought. Like we had a meeting with the bishop
and his counselors and he told all of them how much my jersey cost and
so now im the stereotypical rich american which is what I dont want or
need. I had a little sit down with him about it and told him my
feelings about it but I dont think he quite understands.I gave one of
my belts to Elder Azevedo. His was held together by duct tape and it
fell apart the other day and I have three belts so I gave him one Im
not using. Oh and about caffeine, I dont think ive ever drank as much
caffeine.....Coke is like worlds biggest thing here. Ive only found
pepsi in 2 places so far, so all the members have it and its super
cheap. So I drink coke about everyday, but that doesnt mean you can
drink it, dont give in, im super proud of you, I know I couldnt give
up caffeine. But its my cross to bear. Oh funny story real quick, we
lost all our investigators earlier this week. We were teaching this
housing complex and especially this girl that was like super excited
about the church and she would listen to all the lessons we taught to
the people in this complex. And everytime we went there would be
another girl or a friend or something and it turns out that this girl
wasnt interested in the church at all, she was only interested in the
American that shows up at her house from time to time and she told her
parents that she wanted to marry me. The bad news, she turned 14 like
3 months ago, the good news is we dont go around that area anymore.
The glory of being American in a country that worships Americans. It
gets us in doors sometimes. But I love you guys. Keep sending the
love. Its really hard here, but the way I see it is it can only go up
from here. My Portuguese cant get any worse. Love you byeeee

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